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Salman Saeed

Phd. Student 1st year

Yale university, New Heaven CT, USA.

When I went to visit an industrialist (Baber Sahib at packages), he was astonished by my communication skills and confidence. He asked me particularly about the name of the institute I have studied from. I thought he was asking of my college, I replied GCU. He corrected me and asked me about my school. I really felt proud to answer that it was Misber School. I feel the school has embedded in me the germs of hard work. This particular trait has led me first to GCU, then to LUMS and now to Yale (USA). Now as I am currently doing my PHD I owe my gratitude to my school that has developed in me the ability to understand the world around you. Being a biologist I aspire to be an inventor of medicines at affordable prices for our poor people who are unable to have their treatment abroad. This loyalty and patriotism is part of my school education.

Anas Saeed

Final Year Student (CS)

Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS)

My mother is a teacher and had this deep desire that I should study in an internationally recognized university. As a LUMS student currently doing CS, they are confident that my success in life started when I was admitted to Misber school. Why? I feel that this school has provided me with the paraphernalia of English language, to express my self. I still remember my English teacher who equipped me with confidence and good writing skills. She asked us for self-analysis. Eventually, I have become a prolific writer.

Muneef Abid

3rd Year Student (CS)

Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS)

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