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Tariq Saeed


A resident of third world country, analysis of the surroundings and circumstances has dawned upon me the fact that education is the only solution to our basic problems. The demise of nations start when education is ignored or provided only to selective elite class. The school established in 2002, had the aim of providing education to middle class families but providing them with the best and not the least. I feel as our students are studying GCU, LUMS, FAST, PU the school has played its part in bringing awareness among the general masses.

Misber Nadir


Schools do not exist in isolation. Instead they have the potential to be the fulcrum point for learning in the comminities. The ultimate objective of education is to produce good citizens. Citizens who can feel their responsibilities towards their fellows and motherland. This shaping of responsible citizens is directly linked with education. MISBER SCHOOL is striving to be that learning place to transform the students into inquiries, thinkness, open-minded, caring, risk takers, principled, balanced & effective.

Shagufta Khan


Principal Mrs. Shagufta Khan is hard working and talented lady with 37 years of educational experience. She worked as teacher, a head of Department, as controller examination, as vice principal, as Dean of study and as a principal for 15 years in Cathedral School. She holds Masters Degree in English, Urdu and B.Ed.
She believes that Children learn in variety of ways and at different rates so at Misber School we cater each child according to its mental level and learning rate. Our teachers act as facilitator of learning and provide students with vast range of educational experience to enrich student’s mind and enable them to become well rounded individuals. For us every child is special and important.